That’s Amore Cheese releases Christmas hampers & products

Three hampers, Christmas porchettas and giant mozzarella range!

Christmas is nearly here, and That’s Amore Cheese is helping Victorians celebrate with an amazing range of Christmas hampers, porchettas and special mozzarellas. And for a unique gift, Teste Di Moro Ceramics are available.

Ideal for presents, small family gatherings or festive catch-ups with friends, the Christmas food products are ideal to enjoy at the end of what can only be described as a challenging year! The hampers and porchettas are available for delivery, making it easier than ever to send to a loved one or direct to home.

That’s Amore Christmas Hampers are packaged in a limited edition gift box with a gorgeous Sicilian Pattern. Inside, the products lay on wild hay and customers can opt for a card with personalised message. Delivery date can be selected at checkout so pre-orders are welcome*.

COLOURS OF XMAS HAMPER – $100Filled with exquisite gourmet treats and That’s Amore favourites, this luxury hamper is the perfect gift to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian spreadable pistachio cream 180g
  •   Amaretti Tin 200g
  •   That’s Amore Diavoletti – Twin pack approx 250g
  •   That’s Amore Cacio Chilli approx 200g
  •   That’s Amore Cacio Plain approx 200g
  •   Lavosh crackers 160g
  •   Crispy bar sesame 80g
  •   Crispy bar almond 80g

MERRY CHEESEMAS HAMPER – $120It’s not Christmas without an abundance of cheese, and this hamper has cheese lovers sorted! The delicious flavour combinations of the That’s Amore Caciotta range have been matched with five different types of Beechworth Honey, all to be enjoyed with a glass of Vinea Marson Rosé.
  •   5 × That’s Amore Caciotta (Chilli, Pepper, Plain, Smoked, Buffalo)
  •   5 Beechworth Honey Mini (assorted flavours) 45g each
  •   Mini Romanini Traditional Biscuits 300g
  •   Vinea Marson Rosé 750mL

Say thank you and Merry Christmas with cheese! This premium hamper is filled with traditional Italian Christmas treats including a D&G Panettone, That’s Amore favourites and a bottle of Salatin Prosecco to toast the end of 2020!
  •   D&G Panettone agli Agrumi e Zafferano di Sicilia 100g
  •   That’s Amore Cacio Pepper approx 200g
  •   That’s Amore Buffalotto approx 180g
  •   That’s Amore Drunken Buffalo approx 180g
  •   Cantucci Tin 200g
  •   Chocolate Covered Torrone Bar 140g
  •   Ceramic Burrata
  •   Salatin Prosecco DOC 750mL

That’s Amore is not just known for it’s cheeses! Many people love the That’s Amore porchetta – succulent Abruzzese-style roast pork, made by the chefs in the traditional way. At Christmas, the porchetta is available raw, as well as the usual pre-cooked and ready to heat at home. There is a half at around 1.5kg and the whole at approximately 3kg. Having the raw option for Christmas means customers can create their own family feast from scratch if they wish.

This is the first year that porchetta is available for home delivery. Deliveries and pick-ups will run until Christmas Eve. Around 200 porchettas are usually collected from That’s Amore on Christmas Eve!

That’s Amore Porchetta is available to order via for delivery*, or by calling the That’s Amore Cheesery on 03 9463 4222 to arrange pick-up.

Image credit: HiSylvia

There’s nothing better than cheese for a celebration or catch-up and That’s Amore Cheese has some amazing mozzarellas especially for Christmas, all handmade to order with local buffalo milk. The three varieties, from 1kg–3kg, are perfect for sharing.

   Aversana, 1kg, $40.90/kg – a beautiful sphere of mozzarella
   Zizzona, 3kg, $41.90/kg – a giant mozzarella ball!
   Treccia, 1kg or 2kg, $42.90/kg – plaited mozzarella that makes the perfect
      cheeseboard centrepiece

The mozzarella Christmas range is available for pick-up only from The Cheesery in Thomastown. Pre-orders close on 20th December with collection until Christmas Eve. Orders via The Cheesery on 03 9463 4222.

That’s Amore Cheese is stocking beautiful Sicilian Ceramic Heads – Teste di Moro – and they make ideal gifts. They are handmade and hand-painted and have been crafted in Santo Stefano di Camastra, Sicily, by local artisan ceramists Peppino and Benny.

Sicily is famous for its brightly coloured Maiolica-style ceramics, in particular the Moorish head designs. Known as Teste di Moro, these ceramics are colourful vases, originally used as plant pots. The legend behind the stunning ceramics, which decorate houses all over Sicily, dates back to the 11th century.

The story tells of a beautiful girl who was living in the Arabic district of Palermo. While she was tending to the plants on her balcony, a Moor merchant passed by and fell in love with her at first sight. The girl returned his love, but shortly after discovered that the man had a wife and children waiting for him in his native land. Driven by jealousy, the girl decided to keep the man forever, by cutting off his head and using it as a vase to grow basil in. Grieving her loss, her tears caused the basil to flourish. Passers-by noticed her thriving plants and were inspired to create their own colourful head-shaped vases.

The ceramics are available in different sizes and in plain white or full colour, priced $66.50 to $799. Pick-up only at The Cheesery.

*Minimum order $40. Free delivery for up to 15km from That’s Amore Cheese in Thomastown; and delivery is free for orders over $120 for the rest of Melbourne (up to 25km from Thomastown), otherwise delivery is from $10.

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