Hunted + Gathered spreads the festive cheer with two new product launches

Melbourne-based chocolate makers release three new spreads and cooking chocolate in time for the holidays.

Melbourne-based chocolate brand Hunted + Gathered has expanded their inventory just in time for the holidays, with the launch of their Chocolate Spread range and a retail release of their hospo-staple Cooking Chocolate.

Hunted + Gathered started in 2012 when brothers Harry and Charlie Nissen couldn’t find a chocolate they were looking for: something made with minimal, organic and ethically sourced ingredients, that was also delicious. Hunted + Gathered can now be found in the country’s best restaurants, cafés and bakeries.

The new Chocolate Spread is made from Hunted + Gathered’s most popular chocolate – 70% single origin beans from the Dominican Republic – which is blended with nuts to form a smooth paste. There are three Chocolate Spreads in the range – almond, hazelnut and peanut – with each jar containing more than 50% nuts (staggeringly higher than industry standards). All the nuts are biodynamically grown and/or organic, some of them being grown in Victoria. The new spreads are delicious on toast, however Harry and Charlie both agree they’re just as good eaten straight out of the jar.

The Chocolate Spread range is now stocked at top Melbourne bakeries, including Q le Baker, Bread Club, Baker Bleu and Wild Life Bakery.

The retail release of the previously hospitality-wholesale-only Cooking Chocolate now means that any home cook (novice or master) can experiment in the kitchen with the best quality chocolate found at restaurants like Attica and Brae.

The Cooking Chocolate range showcases three single origin chocolates: from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Belize. Each uses the same 70% cacao recipe, with the particularities of the bean imparting distinct tasting notes in the end product – fruity, chocolatey and nutty flavours. The Cooking Chocolate is sold in 500g bags and retails for $35.

Local chefs, from Lauren Eldridge (Stokehouse), Alex Prichard (Icebergs) to Ben Shewry (Attica), rely on H+G’s Cooking Chocolate. Hunted + Gathered have partnered with international chefs – like Frederik Bille Brahe (Apollo Kantine, Copenhagen) and Margot Henderson (Rochelle Canteen, London) – to create recipes that feature the single origin chocolate,

“We pride ourselves on making a product that has the least amount of ingredients as possible – cocoa beans, cocoa butter and sugar. We try to find the best produce in the world, and not mess with it too much,” says Charlie Nissen, co-owner of Hunted + Gathered.

Whether for the dedicated home baker, enthusiastic novice or perhaps a gift for someone special (or you just love lathering the Chocolate Spread on toast) Hunted + Gathered has something for everyone this holiday season.

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