Birds of a Feather sour beers by Brick Lane Brewing: limited-edition release

Like birds of a feather, we flock together … Three beers spiritually the same, yet wonderfully unique.

Brick Lane Brewing is excited to announce an extremely limited-edition release of sour beers called Birds of a Feather. Brick Lane has rediscovered and reimaged the sour style’s thirst-quenching potential with a new range of flavours, including Passionfruit & Guava, Mango & Lychee, and Lime & Pineapple.

The artistic can designed by CIP Studio very much captures the experience of these immersive, balanced, and seductive beers that will leave you wanting more.

The Birds of a Feather range of sour beers offer the ideal kick of fruity tartness to greet the summer months and the brightness is the perfect refreshment for lunch outside or an afternoon by the pool.

What makes them so perfect for the dog days of summer? Just like the artwork, they’re bright, refreshing – and full of flavour and natural fruit.

“With summer knocking on the door, we’ve managed to cram our limited edition Birds of a Feather beers full of bright tropical flavours that announce the long hot days have arrived. Passionfruit and guava, mango and lychee, pineapple and lime… combined with the paradox of a soft mouthfeel and a precise and zippy sourness allows these beers to deliver an abundance of flavour yet also delicately dance across your palate. The beers share a common approach in their creation, but just like the art on the can, when you peer behind the mask there’s a hidden uniqueness bursting to get out,” said founder Paul Bowker on the release of the beers.

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Images: Kate Shanasy

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