BOMBAY SAPPHIRE launches world-first double serve BOMBAY & TONIC

The quintessential Australian barbeque, entertaining at home, days at the beach and getting ready to go out are all things best done in the company of friends, and BOMBAY SAPPHIRE has now made these occasions even more special with the release of BOMBAY & TONIC 10%, the first ever double serve pre-mixed gin. The perfect addition to the start of a good night with friends, gin lovers can now easily make their favourite drink a double with BOMBAY & TONIC 10%.

Answering the call of the ‘gineration’ movement, who are keeping the ‘ginaissance’ going strong, the release of BOMBAY & TONIC 10% means the world’s number one premium gin can now be enjoyed as a bar-quality Gin & Tonic serve with double the strength and double the flavour, whatever the occasion, and wherever you are. With Australians loving to entertain friends year-round, the BOMBAY & TONIC 10% is the perfect drink to enjoy on the go.

Available in a 4-pack of cans, BOMBAY & TONIC 10% combines a double serve of the brand’s heralded vapour-infused London Dry Gin, balanced with tonic water for a superior taste, and is best enjoyed either straight from the can or poured over ice with a refreshing squeeze of lime. The pre-mixed BOMBAY & TONIC 10% is crafted to showcase the signature juniper and citrus notes of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin, without any added artificial flavours or colours. 

The new double serve BOMBAY & TONIC 10% also coincides with the release of the perfect party serve of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE with the new BOMBAY & TONIC can 10-pack 5.4%. Both of these new releases follow the launch of the popular BOMBAY & TONIC bottle 4-pack in late 2019.

Available in retailers from mid-September, the BOMBAY & TONIC 10% ABV is available in a can 4-pack for $30, while the party serve BOMBAY & TONIC 5.4% ABV can 10-pack retails for $55.

Publisher’s tasting note:

When a respected brand like BOMBAY SAPPHIRE bases its reputation on a recipe from 1761, you know they are not going to compromise the integrity it has established with any new product launches, and the new double strength BOMBAY & TONIC 10% ABV is absolutely no exception to that philosophy. The carefully selected and exquisitely balanced ten botanicals that have stood the test of time, still shine through in the pre-mixed format readily available in a stylishly presented 4 can pack. With summer just on the horizon, the classic G&T from one of its best exponents is as relevant as ever, and now even more accessible with a level of convenience that speaks to the modern lifestyle.

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