The Inner West’s Wood-Fire Coffee Roasters – The Wood Roaster

Situated on Shepherd Street, in the heart of Marrickville is The Wood Roaster, one of the most unique speciality coffee roasters in New South Wales and winner of MICE 2020 Silver medal for milk-based coffee and MICE 2020 silver medal for Espresso.

As the name suggests, The Wood Roaster roast their incredible coffee beans over locally sourced, sustainable wood and, notably, are one of only a very few companies in the world to roast coffee this way.

The Wood Roaster team are unwavering in their support of cafés and restaurants in helping to achieve their business and marketing objectives by excellent customer service along with unique, mouth-watering, wood-roasted coffee. They procure, roast, pack, sell and deliver their bespoke coffee to cafés and restaurants both domestically and internationally.

Director, Kim Loupis and his team of passionate coffee artisans have carefully curated a selection of internationally influenced Coffee Blends and Single-Origin Coffees to cater to all types of coffee-drinkers & café owners – from the experienced coffee-holics to the first timers.

Coffee blends include:

Go Nuts

Wood Roaster’s most popular blend – and for good reason. An award-winning blend that combines notes of acidity, nutty overtones, fruity flavours, dark chocolate and honeycomb to finish. Coffee beans include: Colombia Supremo, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Sumatra mandheling and PNG Kongo A. MICE 2020 Silver medal for milk-based coffee and MICE 2020 silver medal for Espresso.


A staple in their selection, Olivia offers a fruity fusion of English toffee, blackcurrant, caramelised orange and dark chocolate flavours and was created to be enjoyed with regular milk and has specific earthy tones that blend well with both almond and soy milk. Coffee beans include: Rwanda Miribizi, PNG Kongo A and Kenya AB.

Calm Before The Storm

The idea for this blend was created during a long, dreadful blackout in Sydney – this blend definitely knows how to pack a punch with its rich fruity flavours. Coffee beans include: PNG Kongo, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Sumatera Aceh Gayo, Kenya AB, Colombian Supremo and Indian Kaapi Royale.

Swiss Water Decaf

A decaf blend that combines darker Mexican and Colombian flavours with a delicious nutty and caramel fragrance. This blend leaves a thick rich crème and a flavour leaving you wanting more. Flavours include honey, roasted macadamia and cocoa.

Winter Blend

One of the newest additions to The Wood Roaster range, this blend is a combination of The Wood Roaster’s favourite beans, which creates an incredible coffee experience. This blend undeniably captures the rich and warm flavours synonymous with winter. Coffee beans include: Brazil Yellow Bourbon, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Rwanda Miribizi.

Choc Berry

A personal favourite of The Wood Roaster team, this blend utilises raw sugar, sweet aromas and bold cocoa to perfectly offer a medium to strong acidity, with a lingering taste of dark chocolate.

The Wood Roaster team also offers single-origin coffee beans including:

Single Origin Yirgacheffe

Considered one of the most popular and exotic types of coffee in the world. It’s lightness and addictive aroma makes it the perfect coffee flavour for any coffee enthusiast.

Single Origin Guatemala Pachaya Volcanic

Enriched with fruity flavours and elements of honey and caramel aromas in addition to layers of chocolate. This bean is perfect for those who enjoy notes of citrus and cocoa.

Single Origin Rwanda Coko Honey & Peaberry

Derives from the Gakenke District at an unusually high altitude (2000+ metres above sea level). These beans are packed with juicy citrus flavours that add a real kick to your coffee.

Colombia – Finca Alto Bonito

These beans exhibit intense fruity flavours including raspberry, strawberry, spice and rum and are one of the sweetest single-origin blends in the range, with hints of chocolate due to its Colombian roots.

Brazil – Bela Epoca

One of their cleanest beans that provides a lingering taste of honey and toffee on top of fruity flavours. This bean will leave your mouth watering for more.

The Wood Roaster

9 Shepherd Street, Marrickville NSW 2204

(02) 8722 9900

Opening hours: 9am–4pm Monday to Friday

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Images: @ginageomelosphotography

Publisher’s tasting note:

It is hard not see why The Go Nuts blend is so popular. The seductive and deeply layered aromatic notes from the four unique origins selected are a perfect sensory pre-cursor for the extremely well-balanced smooth mouthfeel that still delivers the depth and complexity that any serious coffee drinker is seeking. What is also clearly evident, is the high duty of care that has gone into the roasting process to extract the maximum flavour delivery from the astutely chosen beans from Colombia Supremo, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Sumatra mandheling and PNG Kongo A.

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