Darling Square welcomes new casual omakase restaurant, Sushi Sei

Sushi Sei is the latest venue from owner and chef Hideaki Fukada, co-owners, Kenny Lee and Danny Hwang. The new concept, which has officially opened at Darling Square, differs from Kuon Groups existing venues which include Irori Kuon, Kuon Omakase and Izakaya Tempura Kuon.

Setting a distinctly different tone from Lee’s other venues, Sushi Sei presents a fresh and exciting dining concept that brings the art of omakase within reach to all. The casual yet immersive experience invites patrons to engage in conversation with the sushi chefs whilst being seated at the high bar, observing the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each piece of sushi and dish.

One of Sushi Sei’s distinguishing features is the freedom it grants to patrons in crafting their dining experience. With a minimum spend of $40 per person, the a la carte sushi selection ranges from $4 to $12 per piece. Diners can choose exactly what they desire, including their favourite sushi creations as many times as they like. Moreover, the flexible dining options allow guests to opt for the full omakase experience or order a la carte.

Owner Hideaki Fukada said: “We are happy to be welcoming guests to our sushi wonderland, where culinary artistry meets a symphony of flavours. Indulge in over 25 exquisite varieties of sushi, each a masterpiece on its own. We look forward to more people being able to discover the epitome of sushi perfection at our new concept sushi restaurant”.

Hideaki Fukada (executive head chef), Kenny Lee and Danny Hwang are co-owners of Kuon Group. Fukada began his culinary journey while at school, working part-time at his uncle’s shop in Higashi Kobe, Japan. It was there that Lee discovered his passion for cooking and decided to pursue a career as a chef. After graduating from high school and joining Osaka’s Nankai South Hotel (now Swiss Hotel), Lee continued to hone his culinary skills and moved to Australia. Today, he operates several highly successful venues across Sydney.

The a la carte menu is split between appetisers and sushi. Large ($55) or small ($35) trays of assorted sashimi are also available. Highlights from the appetiser menu includes Arajiru (fisherman’s soup); agedashi tofu; bluefish tuna wing; and grilled kingfish wing.

A la carte sushi can be purchased by the piece, with pieces including;

●   $4: salmon, geso, eel shirayaki, tamago, shime saba, flutemouth, tsubugai, spear squid

●   $5: aburi salmon, aburi kingfish, tuna, kani miso, cuttlefish, bass groper, amaebi

●   $6: salmon belly, kappa maki, kanpyo maki, scallop, natto maki, engawa, imperador

●   $8: kingfish belly, chutoro, anago, imperador belly, kohada, nodoguro

●   $12: ikura, sea urchin, scampi, nodoguro, otoro

●   Baby rolls: cucumber ($6), kanpyo ($6), tuna ($12), salmon ($12), negi toro handroll ($20), baby natto ($6)

There are three omakase experiences that guests can choose from. They include;

●   Nami – $40pp (8 pieces plus tamago).

●   Jo – $55pp (9 pieces, tomago and a choice between ikura or uni)

●   Tokujo – $70pp (12 pieces plus tamago)

The drinks offering is simple and accessible with a variety of sake options as well as local Australian wines and Japanese and Australian beer.

Sushi Sei is open seven days for lunch (12-3:30pm) and dinner (5:30–9pm).

Instagram: @sushi.sei.kuon

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