Meet ‘Sleigher’ and pick Australian coffee beans this Christmas

ST. ALi has been listening to their customers. The demand for Australian-made products has led the specialty coffee roaster to develop a brand-new coffee blend. Introducing the ‘Sleigher’, a limited-edition Christmas blend containing 70% Australian specialty coffee beans. ST. ALi understands the importance of coffee in Australia, and now they have created a homegrown brew that will keep Aussies buzzing this festive season.

Sleigher is a delectable blend of Australian-grown coffee from Jack Murat combined with 30% Ethiopia Dar Kojuwa Gujj Natural beans. The special Australian beans are grown in rich volcanic soil nestled between world heritage rainforests and outback Savannah, north-west Queensland. The beans are soaked in monsoonal rain and dried in the sunshine, creating indulgent chocolatey, velvety beans ready to be enjoyed with Christmas pudding.

ST. ALi’s Sleigher is like Brazilian coffee in flavour with chocolatey and nutty notes and works well as a sugary base for an espresso roast. The versatility of the blend also suits something boozy and fruity providing an anchor with its flavour. The scrumptious Sleigher tastes like Nonna’s panettone and pairs perfectly with an overly full belly after Christmas lunch.

ST. ALi recognise that Aussie coffee is important for food mileage, and while Australians coffee consumption is far greater than the production output, there’s been an uptake in Australian coffee as the industry pays more attention to picking, processing and varieties.

Known for being one of the first to define the Melbourne specialty coffee scene, ST. ALi have continued to push the boundaries forward, providing ethically and sustainably sourced blends since their inception in 2005.

ST. ALi’s Sleigher blend is available online and in ST. Ali stores now $20 for 250g. ST. ALi was one of the pioneers to define specialty coffee in Melbourne and they continue to push boundaries forward.

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