Cucina Porto, The Star Sydney’s signature Italian restaurant renowned for its simple honest food and old-world hospitality and charm, has launched a brand new autumn menu featuring dishes originating from all over Italy’s beautifully diverse regions.

While Cucina Porto’s menu has traditionally be inspired by Executive Chef Martino Pulito’s upbringing in Puglia, the new menu heroes his travels throughout his homeland, featuring a combination of seasonal vegetable-led dishes, sustainable produce jam-packed with flavour and traditional and warming recipes, all perfect for the cooler weather.

To start, guests can order the mortadella from Bologna, white anchovies from Puglia and prosciutto from Parma, and fresh seafood such as the Mooloolaba king prawns served with Aperol butter and ‘ndjua crumb, and Abrolhos Island scallops with tomato juice infused, apple and smoked caviar.

There’s also a kingfish crudo served with sweet olives, green caviar, orange and lime dressing. Fresh, light, zingy and the perfect way to start a meal, Pulito says the kingfish is his favorite addition to the menu.

Beyond taking inspiration from regional dishes from around Pulito’s homeland, Cucina Porto’s new menu also looks to incorporate the best seasonal local produce for the cooler months. Guest can enjoy a number of warming, hearty new additions such as the cauliflower with paprika, celeriac puree and parsley oil or the orecchiette served with cime di rapa, broccolini, chill and toasted crostini which Pulito says is a common dish originating from his home region of Puglia. Putting a unique spin on the recipe, Pulito has used a touch of the Italian liquor strega, to give the pasta a fresh and herbaceous note.

For lovers of the classics, there’s also the spaghetti amatriciana with cured pork guanciale, tomato sauce and pecorino, a traditional recipe found in Rome. Pizza wise, guests can try the crudaiola with rocket, Parma prosciutto, stracciatella, cherry tomatoes, and the gamberi with tomato, fior di latte, prawns, rocket and a spicy crumb.

To finish, diners can enjoy the incredibly moreish tartufino, which Pulito says is more famous in Italy than the tiramisu. Cucina Porto’s version comes with dark chocolate, vanilla cream and Italian meringue. Add a nip of Baileys for the perfect afragato – and the perfect meal.

When asked what he would like guests to experience when they come to Cucina Porto to try the new menu Pulito says, “I want guests to feel like they are travelling around Italy on holidays, tasting the food from the regions. Whether it’s linguini and cuttlefish from the south, beef ragu or gnocchi from the north, we’ve wanted to showcase the diversity of flavours and dishes found in Italy with this new menu.”

To help diners of all dietary backgrounds feel welcome, Cucina Porto has also ensured all dishes on its new menu have been specifically designed to be able to be adjusted based on dietary requirements. The restaurant will now be able to cater to vegans, vegetarians, and those that are gluten free, daily free, nut free, as well as onion and garlic free.

For more details on Cucina Porto or to make a booking, head to: https://www.star.com.au/sydney/eat-and-drink/casual-dining/cucina-porto

Image credit: Samantha Rose

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