Chef Matt Stone X Feels Botanical eau de vie bespoke dinner

Iconic Australian chef Matt Stone, arguably the leading sustainable chef in Australian dining, has teamed up with all Australian eau de vie grape spirit Feels Botanical, for an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime dining experience on 11 March.

Stone takes inspiration from many traditional cooking techniques. Fermenting and pickling are on trend but have been used for health benefits and preservation for centuries – as have making dairy products, milling flour and rolling oats. He also believes wholeheartedly that we must move forward from the gimmicky ‘bush tucker’ movement and embrace these amazing ingredients in a natural way. 

Diners will also be treated to a special range of Feels Botanical eau de vie cocktails, which utilise century-old tradition of spirit making, whilst adopting a progressive approach towards its production and the botanical application enhanced by local Australian native ingredients like Davidson plum, Qaundong and Horny goat weed. 

If you’ve had dreams of dining with chef Matt Stone, then this is a very unique chance to meet the chef and sample his bespoke menu in an intimate setting. Blake Vanderfield-Kramer, creator of Feels Botanical, will also be available to answer any questions about the unique, complex and elegant range of premium eau de vie blends.

“It’s so great to be collaborating with like minded people, focussing on indigenous ingredients. I’m excited to be showcasing these products in Newrybar on March 11” – chef Matt Stone


Harvest Newrybar
22 Old Pacific Highway, Newrybar NSW 2479
6.30 pm start $150 pp all inclusive
Limited tickets available. 




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