Hanoi Hannah Entertaining Now Available

Melbourne’s Vietnamese street-eats favourite Hanoi Hannah extends its brand with Hanoi Hannah Entertaining — a new food provision service for group social events

 “This is an exciting take on entertaining because it’s not your typical catering or takeaway. It’s our crowd-pleasers boxed up and ready to eat. No assembly is required; just unbox and dig in. We’re taking the fuss and mess out of entertaining for group occasions. All you need to worry about is pouring the drinks,” says Simon Blacher, Commune Group Creative Director.

Available for pick-up or delivery within a 20km radius of Hanoi Hannah Express Lane in Windsor, Hanoi Hannah Entertaining provides fresh ready-to-eat Vietnamese street food that is familiar and loved with three key offerings: ‘Entertaining’, ‘Picnic Time’ and the ‘Office Shout.’  

Each menu is designed to be shared while catering to most dietary requirements and features Hanoi Hannah favourites, offering a range for small or large-scale events. 

Entertaining — Perfect for hosting a dinner party, birthday celebration, special occasion, and even a work function with friends and family, choose between one of the four ‘specialty platters’ or build your own with a ‘combination platter’. 

Specialty Platters:

  • BBQ Platter – chargrilled chicken, stick pork, herbs, banh hoi, slaw nuoc mam for $59.00
  • Chicken Rib Platter – chargrilled chicken ribs, fresh lime, pickled chilli, salt and pepper, dipping sauce for $39.00
  • Fried Chicken Platter – fried lemongrass chicken, fresh lime, chilli mayo, plain mayo for $39.00
  • Spring Roll Platter – a selection of prawn, vegetable, and Hanoi Hannah spring rolls, banh hoi, lettuce, herbs, pickles, and nuoc mam for $59.00

Combination Platters: Each Combination Platter includes mini rice paper rolls, mini banh mi, and mini bowls, designed for the number of people to entertain – extras of each dish can be ordered (minimum number for each dish applies).

  • Feeds 5-10      $110.00
  • Feeds 11-15    $170.00
  • Feeds 16-20    $380.00
  • Feeds 21-25    $550.00

Picnic Time — Ideal for two or more for a sunny day at the park or beach with friends. 

  • The Park Bento — lemongrass chicken on steamed rice, two pieces of Hanoi-style vegetarian spring rolls, two pieces of mini tuna rice paper rolls with yuzu soy, cabbage, and herb salad, house pickles, and nuoc mam for $30.00
  • The Park Vegan Bento — stir-fried veg on steamed rice, two pieces of Hanoi-style vegetarian spring rolls, two pieces of mini asparagus rice paper rolls with yuzu soy, cabbage, and herb salad, house pickles, and vegan nuoc mam for $28.00
  • Footlong Banh Mi Box —. Perfect for two and a great addition to a picnic lunch. Options of banh mi include the choice of chargrilled chicken, fried chicken, sticky pork, or crispy tofu footlong banh mi for $45.00

Each box comes with a peanut saté dip with sesame crackers and house pickles.

Office Shout — Fuel your team’s productivity and celebrate with colleagues with an office shout. Price per head, starting from $10. 

  • Rice Paper Rolls – choice of tuna sashimi with yuzu soy, peking duck with peanut hoisin, chargrilled chicken with nuoc mam, or grilled asparagus with yuzu soy.
  • Mains include a selection of – poached chicken slaw, vermicelli salad (choice of chargrilled chicken, lemongrass beef, sticky pork, crispy tofu, and vegetarian spring roll), Vietnamese chicken rice, and sticky pork rice.

Hanoi Hannah Entertaining is available for pickup or delivery and now taking orders online via https://entertaining.hanoihannah.com.au/

Image credit: Leah Traecey 

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