MS SUE releases park-ready grazing boxes for the perfect picnic

Due to popular demand, MS SUE‘s newly launched Grazing Boxes for AFL Grand Final are now officially here to stay!  

As the weather warms up and picnics are officially back for Melbournians, MS SUE has been working behind the scenes to create their new Grazing Box, a perfect snacking box for up to four people.

The Grazing Box comes with an assortment of MS SUE favourites and classics, including 4 Japanese Salmon Tacos, 4 Crab Rolls, 12 Seafood Hanoi Spring Rolls, 12 Twice-Fried Wings, and a Green Papaya Salad. The Grazing Box is a fresh and seasonal addition to the menu, perfect to snack on and to take on the go.

After a successful launch for Grand Final, customers were wowed by the generous portions and the attention to detail in each box to ensure the best experience. Boxes are made in the morning with fresh and high-quality ingredients, carefully prepared by owners Janet and Jack. Each Japanese Salmon Taco is delicately wrapped between sheets to ensure maximum freshness and a crispy bite each time.

Pre-orders for these limited-edition boxes close each Friday at 6pm, and are available for takeaway and delivery on Saturday.

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