Whisky Loot: To Whisky or Whiskey?

The whisky vs. whiskey debate has raged for nearly as long as the spirit has been around. So how should we be spelling our favourite dram? Most aficionados can agree: whisky is one of man’s greater inventions. What they can’t seem to agree on is how to spell the bloody thing.

“Whisky Loot is an alcohol subscription service, delivering three premium and hand-selected whisky tasters from around the world each month. At Whisky Loot our name is always written as “Whisky” but in general both spellings are used, and it completely depends on the context about what type of Whisky (or Whiskey) that we are talking about.

“Whiskey” is the spelling used when talking about Irish and American spirits. There are some notable exceptions: Maker’s Mark, George Dickel and Old Forester all use the “whisky” form, and this is purely down to tradition, where usually the brands were first established by Scottish migrants over 100 years ago and still use the same spelling today. “Whisky” is normally used for almost all other whisky-producing nations. For example, Scotland, Australia, Canada, India and Japan – the other major producing nations. Again there are exceptions – new distillery Gospel and Whipper Snapper use the “whiskey” form, as they produce an “American whiskey” style of spirit. With so many small producers in Australia, it always pays to check here. Some producers are also more touchy than others – there are Scotch distilleries that will not want their product getting confused with an American or Irish whiskey, and vice versa.

At Whisky Loot, we provide a platform to discover new things about whisky. It’s about a shared passion for whisky-starting conversations that open people up to new social experiences and connections. We believe that you’re technically not wrong whichever way you spell it—just like you’re not wrong however you choose to drink your whisk(e)y, so long as you enjoy it! “

~ Joel Hauer, Whisky Loot Founder

Whisky Loot aims to gently guide you on a tasting journey through the beautiful and varied world of whisky in the comfort of your own home every month. The subscription: Top-shelf whisky worth $380 for only $59 per month. There’s no commitment. You can cancel, pause or skip a box at any time.

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