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Just in time for Mother’s Day, NON and Maison Balzac are releasing an exclusive gift pack.

Two of Australia’s most exciting brands, NON and Maison Balzac have united to create a sensorial gift pack just in time for Mother’s Day. The companies joined forces to produce a limited edition candle and 0% beverage that combine to deliver an immersive moment of autumn.

With a mutual interest in exploring the unconventional, this gift pack was born from a joint exploration of autumn. The result is an aroma and flavour that complement one another and celebrate this magnificent season. The gift pack (priced at $50) contains the specially developed bottle of NON and Maison Balzac candle. 

In an effort to support small retailers, these limited edition gift packs will not be available online. Rather, they will only be sold from select bricks & mortar bottle shops, including Blackhearts & Sparrows nationwide, Winona Wine in NSW and Wine Republic in Melbourne, available on shelves from next week, 3rd May.

The flavour and fragrance of each product have been designed to complement one another so that when burned and imbibed together they create an immersive experience. Inspired by autumnal ingredients, both use notes including golden mandarin, thyme and Earl Grey, which provide a warming and energising flavour and aroma. 

To further the sensory experience of this gift pack, a mix has been commissioned by Melbourne music producer Alex Albrecht of Analogue Attic. The contemplative mix highlights all Australian artists and can be accessed here or via the QR code in the gift pack.

Maison Balzac’s Founder & Director Elise Pioch says: “The minute we created the NON candle in our studio, we opened the drink, poured it into our colourful glasses and slowly sipped on the beverage while smelling the candle. It was a memorable experience. The drink is fresh, dry and grounding, the salt enhances the notes of lemon while the candle further develops the scent of mandarin and somehow also grapefruit. Together they made our brain go fizzy, it was like smelling the skin of a wild mandarin while biting on a citrus seed”.

Founded in Melbourne in 2019, NON pushes the boundaries of drinking with their range of 0% beverages. They have radically changed the game in alcohol alternatives by promoting an inclusive drinking culture. NON can be enjoyed paired with food, out partying with friends or any time a good drink is in order. 

NON × Maison Balzac marks yet another collaboration by the team at NON. To date, they have united with fashion brands, restaurants and most recently with renowned photographer Tom Blachford. NON, the category defying 0% beverage company will continue to explore new expressions of flavour through unconventional collaborations.

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