Castle Estate celebrates one century of conscious farming practices

Because the better they live, the better they taste. 

Castle Estate upholds a ‘cool to be kind’ philosophy. A legacy of 100 years of humane farming practices speaks to the Castle family’s unwavering dedication to boutique animal rearing for premium quality meats.

Undeterred by demand, the Castle Estate ethos is guided by nature’s instincts, versus man’s greed, with a century of family-farming heritage upheld by the Victorian-based Castle clan.

A project of love, Castle Estate cultivates exemplary meat in alignment with nature’s course, free from artificial intervention or hormones. This means the animal is forever the focal point of care for the Castle family farmer, with tremendous respect shown in the trajectory undergone from paddock to plate.

“Compassion is paramount to us when it comes to rearing animals for the purpose of food. Ultimately, a stress-free, happy animal results in nutritious and consciously cultivated produce,” says Steven Castle.

The antithesis to feedlot feeding, Castle Estate animals are strictly ‘free range’, translating to a free-to-roam existence, free from the confinements and oppression of feedlot farming. The animal consumes grass naturally in daily paddock grazing, with none of the antibiotics intervention synonymous with the alternative of grain feeding.

The Castle way also omits any long-haul travel, with the paddocks situated on site in close proximity to the abattoir. This results in less stress for the animal, with no need for suffocating trucks piled high with animals together, or imprisonment prior to slaughter.

The overall experience for the animals is a better quality of life, freedom to roam expansive paddocks, shelter under the Castle Estate trees and sheds for winter’s cooler climes.

In stark juxtaposition to the inhumane conventions of factory farming, no lot feeding, free to roam and grass-fed only. Castle Estate celebrates each animal for whatever size and shape they grow to naturally – without fattening for slaughter – resulting in no two steaks looking exactly the same. It’s through this championing of animal diversity that Castle Estate shows its customers that quality and humanity can coexist in modern farming.

The philosophy of the Castle Family has always been, “the better they live, the better they taste”. And so from terrain to table, an enduring respect for the animal is balanced with a dedication to producing the most delicious produce for Australians to indulge in.

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