Cannoleria launches cannoli special for Lunar New Year

Brown Sugar Boba Tea Cannoli. 

To celebrate 2021 Lunar New Year festivities for Year of the Ox, Cannoleria by That’s Amore will be launching a special Cannoli of the Week on Friday, 19th February. Thinking outside the box and mixing tradition with modernity, the new limited-edition flavour is Brown Sugar Boba Tea Cannoli.

The concept is based around a popular Chinese saying: “May wealth and prosperity roll your way (like bubbles)”, used around Chinese New Year.

With bubble tea still as popular as ever, it has inspired the flavours of the new Cannoli of the Week. Cannoleria has infused their traditional sweet ricotta (made with That’s Amore Cheese ricotta) with a brown sugar and tea syrup to give a very distinctive brown sugar milk tea flavour and brown and white ripple. The ricotta filling is encased in a traditional Cannoleria crunchy cannoli shell. To garnish the cannoli, Cannoleria is using Agar jelly pearls, which have been infused in brown sugar for an extra sweet kick and have a firm jelly texture exactly like everyone’s favourite bubble tea.

The limited-edition Brown Sugar Milk Boba Tea Cannoli launch on Friday, 19th February, the last week of Lunar New Year celebrations, and will be available at all Cannoleria stores until sold out:

  •  Preston Market
  •  South Melbourne Market
  •  Watergardens Shopping Centre
  •  Highpoint pop-up (Friday, Saturday, Sunday – closed during
      stage 4 restrictions)
  •  UGO at Cannoleria HQ (69 Sheehan Road, Heidelberg West)
  •  That’s Amore Cheesery (66 Latitude Blvd, Thomastown)

*Note packaging in images for photography only, cannoli will be sold in Cannoleria boxes.

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