Kylie Kwong teams up with Mama Fuh for a Lunar Feast

To honour Lunar New Year 2021, the Year of the Ox, Eat Fuh and Kylie Kwong have created two exclusive dishes for the South Eveleigh community. Both dishes reflect the rich cultural heritage of the creators, but also the multicultural flavour of the unique location. Both dishes will be available at Eat Fuh on 6 days over the Lunar New Year Period. 

Eat Fuh’s dish is Bánh Xèo, a crispy, savoury crepe and quintessentially Vietnamese. Eat Fuh Director, Hoang Nguyen says, “Lunar New Year for me is about a sense of identity. It encapsulates so much about being Vietnamese; family, tradition, beliefs, a sense of renewal and, of course, a time for food. The Bánh Xèo we have created especially for South Eveleigh includes some of the edible Indigenous plants we are able to grow on-site. The Karkalla, a type of native succulent, is a unique addition to the recipe – it adds a textural layer to the dish, which enhances the flavour and makes it unique to South Eveleigh.”

Kylie’s dish – ‘KK’s Long Life Hokkien Noodles’ – is an Australian–Canto–Vietnamese dish and reflects the collaborative and multicultural spirit of South Eveleigh. The Noodles include a dressing created by Hoang’s amazing mother, Hanny Tang, founder/chef of Eat Fuh; fresh egg noodles made by Kylie’s Uncle Jimmy and complemented by Jiwah’s native bush mint also grown on-site at South Eveleigh. For Kylie, who is third-generation Australian, 29th-generation Kwong, “Lunar New Year is also about food and family, a time in which I pay deepest respects to my ancestors. 

“South Eveleigh has a rich First Nations history. Incorporating edible plants grown on-site at our Australian first urban native rooftop garden, into this dish not only enhances its overall deliciousness, but is also a way I can show my respects to Elders both past, present and emerging.”

Both dishes will be available at Eat Fuh on 6 days over the Lunar New Year period: Tuesday, 16 February; Wednesday, 17 February; Thursday, 18 February; Tuesday, 23 February; Wednesday, 24 February; and Thursday, 25 February.

Both Kylie and Hoang will be at Eat Fuh to help serve the dishes and look forward to welcoming you.  

Eat Fuh
Shop B2S002, 1 Locomotive Street, Eveleigh NSW 2015
0416 880 997

Images: Kitti Gould

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