MrT Burgers & Fried Chicken earns cult following after opening in toughest of times

Since opening in December 2019, MrT Burgers & Fried Chicken has become the place to visit for any burger or fried chicken fanatic in Melbourne. Located in Croydon, in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, the restaurant has built a name for itself by making a range of mouth-watering burgers and crispy fried chicken.

While the pandemic was impossibly challenging for the entire hospitality industry, it was particularly tough for MrT, which had only been open a short time before lockdown began. In this time MrT still operated as a takeaway service and continued putting a smile on customer faces during a challenging time, where comfort food was a must.

MrT prides itself on providing a stellar menu with mostly house-made ingredients, using quality Australian meats. The menu boasts unique dishes to Melbourne, such as their whole fried chicken and crispy duck burger. Using predominantly Cape Grim Tasmanian beef, MrT produces some of Melbourne’s best beef patties all ground in-house and pressed on the grill to perfection. With a “Keep it simple stupid” approach, MrT burgers are kept simple using ingredients that work perfectly together.

The MrT Bacon is starting to get its own cult following, and it’s easy to see why, with layers of syrupy bacon jam, streaky bacon, MrT secret Sauce and a generous beef patty, cooked to perfection.

MrT likes it hot, and his popular Nashville chicken burger will definitely spice things up. Chicken thighs are buttermilk marinated, coated in MrT flour blend, fried, dipped in our seasoned oil and then smothered in secret MrT spices, which infuse into the chicken, making it extra flavoursome and juicy. The crispy chicken nashy is stacked with pickles, sweet vinegar slaw and smoked garlic mayo that will have burger lovers salivating and maybe crying from the heat!

The most unique dish on the menu has to be the whole fried chicken. The chicken is brined for 24 hours in a mixture including black tea, to give the chicken added sweetness and moisture. The chicken is then marinated in buttermilk, which adds another layer of juiciness while tenderising the meat. Afterwards, the chook is then given a double-crusted coating, which steams the meat from within, and ultimately gives the best crunchy fried chicken experience in the world – according to MrT.

MrT Burgers & Fried Chicken
8 Hewish Rd, Croydon VIC 3136
Opening Hours: Tuesdays 5pm–late, Wednesday to Sunday 12pm–late
Booking email:
Dine-in specials:
• Wednesday – $1 Wings
• Friday – 2 Beers & Wings for $20

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