Hot dang! WingHAÜS by Bavarian unveils WingFest saucy celebration

Australia’s favourite wing slingers, WingHAÜS by Bavarian, have done their culinary homework and created 13 new, limited-edition, house-made sauces and rubs to add to the menu.

The three-month-long WingFest runs from Tuesday, 1 December to Sunday, 28 February at both wing-packed, sauce-smacked, sports-bar dining destinations, which are located in Sydney (Gateway dining precinct) and Brisbane (44 Edward Street). That’s three pleasure-filled months to try the new flavours that join nine signature sauces already on the menu.

Spoiler alert: they’re all deliciously addictive, and range from flavour-packed, to mildly hot, and turbocharged on the WingHAÜS heat index.

Diners pick a sauce or rub to dunk their classic, boneless, or cauliflower wings into. There is one complimentary sauce or rub for every 10-piece serve of wings. Additional sauces and rubs cost $3 each. The WingFest line-up includes:

• Salt & Vinegar – consider this your quintessential salt & vinegar chicks
• Lemon Pepper – a zesty dry rub with a peppery kick
• Nacho Cheese – nacho average fried chicken wing rub, that’s for sure
• Garlic & Parmesan – brings an Italian riff to the American chicken wing
• Chicken Salt – as Australian as Vegemite, this rub serves up a tasty bout of
• Sweet & Sour – a much-loved Cantonese classic sauce, famed for its balance of
   opposing flavours
• Honey BBQ – universally loved, the sweet-hot combo promises to be a crowd-
• Honey Mustard – combines Dijon and American mustards with other finger
   lickin’ ingredients

On the WingHAÜS heat index the next two sauces are accompanied by a single flame symbol, which means they have a mild spice kick:

• Mango Habanero – spicy and not too sweet with mellow tropical notes
• Thai Red – Asian-American fusion at its absolute best

Two flames indicates that a sauce is hot, but not excessively so:
• Caribbean Jerk – gets its kick from a blend of 10 spices, herbs and a hit of dark

From merely hot to incendiary, the last two flavours are scorched with three flames:
• Nashville – a regional hot rub of cayenne, chipotle, paprika, other spices and
   brown sugar
• Vindaloo – an Indian-inspired, intensely spicy combination of a seven-spice mix
   and pungent chilli paste, with acidic and vinegar-tinged notes

The 13 new additions join nine signature sauces already on the menu: teriyaki, Jack Daniel’s BBQ, Texas BBQ, traditional, Korean, habanero, chipotle, afterburner, and face-melting.

WingHAÜS by Bavarian Food & Beverage Director John Sullivan said: “Our chicken wing credentials are already well-cemented in two Australian cities, but we want to dial up the flavour experience and give our sports-watching, beer-loving, casual-dining fans an even bigger selection of sauces and rubs to choose from.”

“The three-month duration of WingFest gives WingHAÜS fans ample time to try all the new flavours and clock up numerous repeat visits to indulge in their top picks.”

Classic, boneless and cauliflower wings come in 10-piece ($12), 20-piece ($22), $50-piece ($49) and 100-piece ($94) serves. They’re best enjoyed with one of 40 beers on tap, cocktails on tap, and margaritas served frozen and on the rocks, and as a frozen, 1-litre, shareable Stein Rita.

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