Water Heart Food – Palisa Anderson’s TV Debut

Projucer partners with Palisa Anderson to capture the tastebuds of Aussies with their new series, Water Heart Food – Palisa Anderson’s TV debut – 29 November, 7.05pm on SBS.

If you’ve got your finger on the foodie pulse, you will have probably heard of Palisa Anderson, the Thai-born, Australian-raised regenerative farmer, writer and family member of one of Australia’s most beloved Thai restaurant chains, Chat Thai. Her Boon Luck Farm provides seasonal produce to some of the best chefs and restaurants in New South Wales.

So, at a time when it might be needed more than ever, Projucer, the Sydney-based production company who brought Andy Allen back onto TV with Eat Australia and who also took the son of Rick Stein around the world in Jack Stein: Inside the Box, is thrilled to announce the release of their new inspiring and heart-warming food and travel series, Water Heart Food.

Scheduled to screen on SBS Food on November 29 and on SBS On Demand, Palisa is set to take Australians on a journey to not just some of the best restaurants of Sydney and the Byron Bay region, but to also delve into where the food inspiration of some of the most highly awarded and recognised chefs first came from, including her own. Together they explore the common threads that connect both cultures and food across borders but which ultimately are united on a plate.

Palisa Anderson says: “Water Heart Food is a passion project; in so many ways it reflects my daily life as somebody in the food world who gets to wake up and do exactly what I enjoy daily – and that is to connect with people through food, with the understanding that this connection truly starts by looking after Country”.

Food has been central to Palisa’s life from her childhood and she’s carried this love with her to her own family now.

“Whether we’re on my farm in Byron Bay, or exploring the streets of Sydney, my kids and I just love food. It makes us happy. And I love how food can bring the Thai culture, any culture for that matter, to life,” Palisa says.

The five-part series has been produced by Projucer, who has proven to have an eye for the food and culture that will inspire Australians. Josh Capelin, co-Founder of Projucer, says: “Palisa is a walking encyclopedia on food. Just 5 minutes in her presence can not only taste good, but can also have you feeling enriched by her wisdom. She believes that real, good food has the power to connect us to each other. Our entire philosophy for the people we work with and the shows we make is set around connecting – to each other, to our audience and even to ourselves. And that’s just what Water Heart Food does”.

Palisa says, “This show almost didn’t happen. There were so many obstacles in our way with COVID and timelines etc., but as is often the case in the food industry, people give. And it’s my hope I’m able to give them back something too”.

Water Heart Food will be released on 29 November and show at 7.05pm on Sundays on SBS Food and re-shown on SBS On Demand.

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