Fizztopia : an online store for all that fizzes

A utopian world of Australian bubbles, beer and cider from the Champagne Dame, Kyla Kirkpatrick

The Champagne Dame is moving into a new utopia of fizz with the launch of Fizztopia – a curated online store offering a ‘best in class’ range of craft beers and ciders, seltzers, sparkling wines and non-alcoholic drinks, available for delivery nationwide from Thursday, 15 October 2020.

Already established as one of Australia’s leading authorities on all things champagne, along with being the founder of online Champagne retailer Emperor Champagne, the Champagne Dame Kyla Kirkpatrick had the idea for Fizztopia during COVID lockdown. After experiencing exceptional growth at Emperor, and looking for a way to keep her team focused and inspired, she struck on the idea of bringing their passion and expertise to a new online drink sales platform.

“We started the year with such energy, passion and enthusiasm, but then 2020 was not a normal year by any circumstance. The quiet that came from COVID provided the perfect opportunity to diversify and launch Fizztopia, utilising the skills of our team, to keep everyone employed and motivated and to give us a reason to keep going at full steam during seven months of arduous lock down,” says Kyla.

Sourced from small business owners, craft brewers, family producers and innovators in fizz, each beverage has been hand-picked by the Fizztopia team, who have tried and tested each drop to ensure only the best make it onto the virtual shelves. Favourites include:

Adam’s Evening Hifi Cider
Tallboy & Moose Beer Un Poco Loco IPA
Terrazze dell’Etna Rosato Brut
Domaine Rolet Pere & Fils Crémant du Jura
Delvi Desert Lime Hard Seltzer

“Fizztopia is about curation of the selection. Our team have tasted every product on our site, if we don’t like it and if it doesn’t meet our quality seal – we don’t list it! We store it in our climate-controlled warehouse, we pack it beautifully, ship it rapidly then look after our customers for their loyalty with great customer service, awesome events and gifts for repeat purchasers. We may be an online site but we’re still all about the human touch.”

There will be limited-edition products available, all at accessible price points with the Fizztopia promise of being best-in-class, because, as per Kyla’s mantra, “life is too short to drink fizz that falls flat”.

Continuously sourcing the latest and greatest in the beverage industry, Fizztopia is one of the first retail spaces to stock White Claw Hard Seltzer downunder. With a cult following in the US earning its place in pop culture, White Claw is a low-sugar, fruit-flavoured, lightly sparkling alcoholic beverage significantly lower in calories than its alcopop counterpart. Available in flavours Ruby Grapefruit and Natural Lime, hard seltzer is destined to be the sip of summer.

Fizz fans, you have found your home.

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Images: Jarrod Barnes

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