Metisse Potts Point – new head chef and menus

At French fine dining restaurant Metisse in Potts Point, chef patron/owner Opel Khan has just appointed his 21-year-old daughter Lucinda to the head chef position. Together they have created new menus showcasing their passion around sustainability, through a luxurious French fine dining offering and also catering to vegetarians and vegans.

Opel and his wife Julie opened Métisse in early 2019. Lucinda was Métisse’s sous chef when the restaurant opened in 2019, and in the short time since then, her skills and knowledge have impressed her restaurateur father.

The fine dining restaurant’s name stems from the Khan family’s mixed-race heritage, with Opel being born in Bangladesh and raised in the UK, and Julie, an Australian. The name is a tribute to his daughters, Jasmine and Lucinda. Métisse is a true family venture, where Julie and Jasmine work the floor, with Opel and Lucinda in the kitchen.

The new menus – ‘The Journey’ and ‘The Earth’ (vegetarian and vegan) – have been developed by Opel and Lucinda, putting their twist on classic French dishes. No produce or ingredients are wasted, with the pair using every part of the produce, including peel and pulp.

5–9 Roslyn Street, Potts Point NSW 2011
02 8590 7698
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