Young Henrys present “Dark Sour Of The Moon”, their first Brewers B-side in tinnies

Newtown brewery and distillery, Young Henrys has announced their newest Brewers B-Side release, “Dark Sour of the Moon”. The limited Dark Blueberry Sour beer will be their first-ever B-Side available in the humble tinnie.

The Brewers B-Sides series are the “alternative tracks to our hit singles”, providing the brewers the chance to get weird and experiment with flavours, while shedding light on the legends who make them. For this release, Brewer Neal Lucas wanted to differentiate a beer from the typical kettle sour, while still maintaining drinkability in a new style.

“In the style of the Belgian Oud Bruin, the beer presents a malty aromatic Belgian brown ale with a smashable blueberry tartness. A rarely seen style in Australia suitable for any kind of day” ~ Neal Lucas.

This Dark Blueberry Sour pours a gorgeous brown hue with a flavourful tartness. The addition of several specialty Malts adds a spectrum of biscuity characters presented on the nose, balanced with a healthy dose of Australian blueberries. The new brew opens the gates for those who wish to take a step further into the wonderful world of sours and can easily be enjoyed year-round.

Dark Sour of the Moon is the first Brewers B-Side to be released in cans, following the lead of Young Henrys’ core range. The brewery made the switch to tinnies back in 2016 as their favoured packaging product. Aluminium cans are lightweight, and due to their uniform shape are far more efficient to stack, trucking 25% more beer on every pallet. They are also infinitely recyclable, chill faster and protect beer from faults far better than glass bottles. Kind of like a miniature keg. Win-win for everyone.

Young Henrys “Dark Sour of the Moon” Brewers B-Side is available in tinnies from bottle-os, the Young Henrys online store and on tap at the Tasting Bar.

Young Henrys

76 Wilford Street, Newtown NSW 2042

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Publisher’s tasting note:

We get to taste a lot of new products, but the first thing we look for in everything is balance, and this new craft beer from the team at Young Henrys absolutely hits the mark in that respect. The featured sour note, is counterpointed by a freshness that makes it a perfect craft beer to be enjoyed as we approach summer. There is clarity and nuance in the berry spectrum being showcased, and the specialty malts being used present a fantastic aromatic profile in this most welcome addition to their diverse range of astutely crafted beers.

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