The Wood Roaster × BRIX ‘Wood & Brix’ Cocktail Recipe

The Wood Roaster team have come up with a completely new cocktail for people to make at home … one that combines some favourite ingredients – coffee and rum – and supports local Aussie businesses

The cocktail is a collaborative effort between Sydney locals, The Wood Roaster and BRIX, and uses 100% Aussie-made products (#supportlocal). The Wood Roaster approached the BRIX team to help them create something delicious. BRIX worked with the flavour profile of TWR’s unique coffee, and came up with the Wood & Brix cocktail.  

Once the cocktail was designed, Jamie Fleming (ex-Masterchef Australia 2014 contestant and owner of Alba Bar & Delicatessen in Queensland) was asked to whip it up. Jamie spent four years judging world-class cocktails so they thought he’d be a great person to test the recipe.

This brand new cocktail has some amazing Australian-based products, so supports local Aussie businesses, whilst also tasting amazing!

Wood & Brix Cocktail Recipe


40ml Brix ‘Trail Mix Rum’ – available at

30ml The Wood Roaster Espresso (Go Nuts blend was used in original recipe) – available online at 

10ml NSW Red Gum Honey Syrup

10ml Autonomy Native Australian Amaro (Vic) – available at

To garnish: pinch of aniseed myrtle/one dried leaf


1. Shake all ingredients with ice. Strain into a rocks glass over a large cube of ice.  

2. Garnish with aniseed myrtle.

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Image credit: Jamie Fleming

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