The Star Sydney and The Star Gold Coast’s signature Japanese venues, Sokyo and Kiyomi are inviting diners to celebrate World Sake Day on Saturday 1 October with a limited-edition cocktail

Saturday 1 October marks World Sake Day and to celebrate, the teams at Sokyo at The Star Sydney and Kiyomi at The Star Gold Coast are releasing an exclusive limited-edition cocktail to honour Japan’s signature alcoholic beverage.

At The Star Sydney’s signature Japanese dining venue – Sokyo, Assistant Manager Joe Garcia, has taken inspiration from premium sake producer, Hakkaisan to curate the cocktail he is calling The Sake Garden’s Delight, epitomising Sokyo’s ethos of “where art meets ritual.”

Garcia explains, “With a fresh and light mix of flavours, The Sake Garden’s Delight piques curiosity and entertains with its depth of character. The Junmai Gingo flavours of Hakkaisa’s sake lends layers of complexity to the cocktail, particularly when combined with the yuzushu it is paired with, this sake provides a duality with a sweetness of the vanilla and passionfruit. Served in a chic Nick & Nora glass, the cocktail’s light orange tones evoke the appearance of a ripe fruit, full of flavour and ready to be plucked.”

Rooted in history, Sake has been a cherished pour in Japan for over 2500 years. Made from four key ingredients, rice, water, koji (rice mould) and yeast, Sake is made using a similar fermentation and filtration process to that of wine and beer. The rice undergoes special polishing to remove its outer layers and the more the grain is polished, the higher the quality of sake it produces. A long and detailed process, families traditionally hand down unique recipes from generation to generation.

At Kiyomi, The Star Gold Coast’s best Japanese dining experience, Food and Beverage Supervisor, Kobi KocbekHailes has created a cocktail using one of over 20 different sakes from its menu that is steeped in tradition, naming it, The Tsuru.

Kocbek-Hailes explains, “As the name of the city where the sake is made, and the Japanese name for a crane – a national treasure and bird of happiness due to its 1,000 years lifespan – this cocktail is full of feeling and flavour. We
chose the Tengumai 50 Junmai Daiginjo sake because of its perfect collection of steamed rice, oatmeal and banana scents. As a full-bodied sake, its richness and length of flavour creates a delicious cocktail that features hints of mint, steamed rice, and apple. Paired with lime and elderflower, The Tsuru is an elegant and fresh tasting drink to sip on this World Sake Day as we head into warmer spring months.

To celebrate World Sake Day, Sokyo at The Star Sydney and Kiyomi at The Star Gold Coast will be offering the exclusive cocktails for one week from Saturday 1 October to Monday 31 October. Guests will be able to enjoy The Sake Garden’s Delight at The Star Sydney’s Sokyo for $27.00 and The Tsuru at The Star Gold Coast’s Kiyomi for $24.00.

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Image credit: Samantha Rose (1oh1 Media)

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