Capriccio Osteria Californian Pomegranate Dinner

For centuries the pomegranate has tantalised and tempted and Capriccio Osteria will tempt and tantalise you with a special dinner featuring pomegranates on Tuesday 11 January 2022.

For one night only Capriccio Osteria’s talented executive chef Nicole Bampton will create an enticing pomegranate feast that will excite the senses with that luscious mix of sweet and sour; colour and texture.

Sommelier Michele’s wine selection will be matched to each course with a Pomegranate spritz to start and to finish with a special house-made pomegranate cello.

Come along, gather some friends and you could go in the draw to win one of six Tojiro chef’s knives.

Capriccio Osteria e Bar (map)
$135 per person (includes matching drinks)
Tuesday, 11 January 2022
7pm to 10pm
Book here

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