Pietro Gallus Estate wins ‘Grappa of the Year’

Competing against distillers and winemakers from around the world Pietro Gallus Estate has won ‘Grappa of the Year’ and multiple medals at the prestigious China Wine Spirit Awards (CWSA). 

The 2021 CWSAs attracted entries from the world’s most influential and esteemed vineyards and distilleries; and saw the largest number of entries for the competition (in decades) scored under strict Triple Blind-Taste-Tests.  

Of the award wins, Pietro Gallus Estate owner and founder John Di Pietro said they were an incredible accomplishment for a relatively young first-of-its-kind Grappa distillery in Australia. 

“Although Pietro Gallus Estate’s Grappa offering is relatively young, we have a long family history with it as the first generation children of Italian immigrants. Before travelling to Australia from Italy, my wife Anna’s family was distilling Grappa as far back as the early 1900s, and when we met and married in Victoria the 80s we dedicated years to absorbing our family traditions in distilling spirits. We first got serious about Grappa in 2016 after a trip to Italy to learn the art of making Grappa inspired us to invest in our own purpose-built grappa still. 

“For a distillery that’s only been running for six years to win awards against some of the oldest and most famous distilleries in Italy proves that our product is of the utmost quality. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve been able to achieve and now we want to make sure everyone tastes it,” says John Di Pietro.

Pietro Gallus Estate’s 2021 CWSA awards include: 
  •  Grappa Di Moscato – ‘Grappa of the Year’ – Trophy award, Double Gold
  •  Grappa Stravecchia (October launch) – Gold
  •  Grappa Di Pinot Grigio – Double Gold 
  •  Limoncello Crema – Gold
  •  Vodka Olive Leaf – Gold 
  •  Vodka Lemon Myrtle – Gold

Pietro Gallus Estate head distiller Nathan Rigby adds: “Learning the secrets of production from esteemed Grappa Masters Mario Pojer and Vittorio Capovilla was invaluable, but the biggest lesson I’ve learnt about Grappa can’t be seen in photos, read in books or viewed on a computer screen. You have to be present to see and feel what Grappa is to Italians – it is something special and will not be forgotten. It is an honour to help pioneer grappa production in Australia and is always rewarding to see the astonishment on peoples faces when they taste our grappa, it gets me every time.” 

To try Pietro Gallus Estates award-winning products visit their website to order online, or plan a trip to its new Tasting Bar opening this Summer when Melbourne’s lockdown restrictions lift. The Tasting Bar will be a place to meet the makers and enjoy Pietro Gallus’ estate-made artisanal Grappa, spirits, liqueurs, wine and beer. 

This October Pietro Gallus Estate will also launch its highly anticipated Grappa Stravecchia – an Australian Barbera Aged Grappa that is the very first of its kind in the country. Barrel-aged for a minimum of 24 months, this limited release Grappa is the newest and most premium of the Pietro Gallus range, with extremely limited quantities available.  

Pietro Gallus Estate
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Website: www.pietrogallusestate.com.au 
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