Ovolo’s ‘Vax. Pact.’

– A pledge to ensure the welfare of guests & employees – 

The tourism and hospitality industries have been rocked by COVID-19 with guests, diners, vacationers and, just as importantly, employees all impacted in some way. Designer hotel collection Ovolo is introducing the ‘Vax. Pact.’, which not only make a pledge to encourage its employees to get vaccinated, it will also reward guests for ‘taking the jab’.

In Australia, Ovolo’s ‘Vax. Pact.’ initiative will pledge 100% of employees will have had their 1st vaccination by 31st October 2021 and 100% will have had their 2nd vaccination by 31st December 2021. This commitment is there to ensure the safety of both our guests and employees alike, and ultimately see travel and hospitality return.

‘Ovolo’s employees are its most valued assets, they are the heart and soul of delivering the unique Ovolo experience,’ said Girish Jhunjhnuwala, Founder & CEO of Ovolo Group. ‘The immediate future of tourism and hospitality depends on high vaccination rates, and as a business we have a responsibility to our industry to drive this – Vax. Pact. is the first step but, within our power, we will do whatever it takes!’ 

The governments in which Ovolo operates are doing all they can to reduce this impact and increase the number of vaccinations. Ovolo itself is willing to assist in getting its employees vaccinated, including and not limited to; providing time off, covering out-of-pocket expenses associated with vaccination, be accommodating so employees can attend vaccine appointments around work and will consider providing rewards or incentives if required.

100% of Ovolo’s Australian leadership team are already partly or fully vaccinated and Ovolo is leading the way in other international locations it operates in. 85% of Hong Kong employees have had their 1st vaccination and 70% the 2nd, and 98% of Bali employees have had their 1st vaccination and 76% the 2nd. So as group Ovolo will be truly leading the way in opening up travel and hospitality and protecting employees and guests.

To further encourage the community to get vaccinated, and soon to be announced, Ovolo will offer incentives to those fully vaccinated guests who stay, drink and dine at any Ovolo in Australia, including dining offers, competitions and additional Ovolo Perks when they present their MyGov vaccination certificate.

In addition to this, the Ovolo OC/DC policy – Obsessive Commitment to Deep Cleaning – further protects guests and employees and was developed to bring a little F.U.N. (Fun. Unconventional. Never Boring) by incorporating musical undertones, in true Ovolo style. So, whether that’s rockin’ out on temperature checks or rollin’ out the hand sanitiser, guests can fully relax knowing that there will be 10 squeaky clean rules and regulations that have been implemented, and that they will be in good (thoroughly washed) hands.

Ovolo always closely monitors and follows guidelines from the local health departments and governments within its destinations, remaining compliant with any regulations. They encourage all guests to regularly check their website and social media for any further updates as it relates to changes in regulations.

Image: Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

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