TAOCA – Bringing Brazilian gluten-free crepes to Oz shores

Brazilian cuisine is traditionally known in Australia for its blend of stews and meat-centric dishes that are designed to leave eaters full and satisfied after a lengthy meal. In theory, this is practical to keep you full but can be deemed overwhelming to the Australian palate. This is where TAOCA comes in.

TAOCA is the perfect showcase of what Brazilian cuisine has to offer beyond the boundaries of meat-based options. Combining both convenience and nutritional value, co-owners Renata Santoniero and Bruno Homero are determined to re-educate the Australian market on the Brazilian cuisine palate with their Brazilian-style Tapioca Crepes that’ll leave Australia yearning for more.

The idea initially stemmed from an experience Renata had nine years ago. Upon arriving in Australia, she remarked that there was an absence of tapioca crepes, a dish that was such a staple in her hometown of São Paulo, Brazil. This was predominantly due to the mediocre supply of tapioca flour available in Australia and thus, the idea of TAOCA was seeded. Fast-track seven years down the line to 2019 and TAOCA was launched from an idea to a reality.

Their ready-to-use Tapioca Crepe Flour (500g) is convenient, vegan, gluten-free and designed to seamlessly adapt and compliment Australian flavours. Renata and Bruno have made it their sole objective to introduce the wonders of tapioca crepes into Australian homes. Their mouth-watering crepes are formed from tapioca flour, an ingredient originally intended as an alternative to wheat flour and mixes containing gluten, however, it’s so criminally delicious and light that TAOCA is campaigning to push it as the go-to ingredient when making crepes.

This style of crepe is found quite prominently in Brazil as the popular street food derives from cassava starch, which is known for its source of calories and carbs. However, tapioca crepes are lightweight and an exceptional alternative to wheat and bread due to their gluten-free nature. Additionally, crepes are habitually known to be blended with a wide variety of ingredients, however, the digestibility of tapioca crepes invites the exploration of delicious recipes, allowing you to build ingredients on ingredients to conceive those adventurous flavours.

Built on Brazilian street-market culture food, Renata and Bruno have already established TAOCA as a staple of Sydney’s Vegan culture and are regular attendees of the Sydney Vegan Market and mean to push this into Australia’s mainstream food scene through busting myths on what Brazilian cuisine has to offer.

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