Nour Surry Hills × Maha Brunch with Shane Delia

For one day only – on Sunday 16 May – Shane Delia will be on the pans at Nour for a seven-course brunch created alongside Executive Chef Paul Farag. The one-off menu pays homage to both chefs’ Middle Eastern heritage, featuring dishes such as whipped cod roe bun, baharat-spiced beef crackling, duck and pine mushroom manoush and a strawberry and arak ice to finish. Food isn’t the only thing on the menu though, with entertainment from rising star Ellis Hall, who will be playing from 12pm–3pm. 

Nour × Maha Brunch with Shane Delia | $79pp
Shane Delia brings his Melbourne restaurant Maha to Sydney, in collaboration with Nour’s Executive Chef Paul Farag, on Sunday, 16 May. The event is the first of the pair’s chef exchange, which will be followed by Paul bringing Nour to Melbourne on Tuesday, 25 May.

~ Sharing Menu ~
Whipped cod roe-filled borek bun, dill, Yarra Valley salmon caviar
Carrot and caraway warqa, honey and toasted spices
Baharat-spiced beef crackling, ricotta, wagyu basturma, shanklish
Duck and pine mushroom manoush
Sumac-cured trout, green ful medames
Moreton Bay bug, Arab XO scrambled egg
Strawberry and arak ice, yoghurt curd, sesame barazek

Nour Does Truffle
Executive Chef Paul Farag has prepped a selection of special truffle dishes to welcome the forthcoming truffle season. Available across the month of May, classic Middle Eastern dishes have been infused with the decadent truffle in a variety of ways to create four unique dishes: foie gras truffle shawarma, a fried potato skewer with truffle and caramelised kishk sauce, a lamb kabsa rice and dessert of “halawet el jibn”. 

The truffle dishes can be ordered individually or in addition to Nour’s current à la carte menu, available each day until sold out. Sommelier Eleonore Wulf has worked alongside Paul to curate a matching selection of wines for each dish, all of which are available by the glass. 

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