Fat Franks brings the iconic Philly Cheesesteak to Newtown

Opening date – Wednesday, 10th February. 

Wetherill Park legend Fat Franks is set to launch its new restaurant in Newtown, bringing with them the Philly Cheesesteak, an American icon, which they make following the original 80-year-old recipe and using authentic ingredients from the US.

For the uninitiated, the cheesesteak is a mouth-watering combination of thinly sliced, sautéed rib eye and melted cheese on a roll, which is then topped with fried onions, sweet peppers or mushrooms. It’s a culinary institution in Philadelphia and you won’t hear about Philly without mention of the cheesesteak – it’s even on their official tourism website!

Also on the menu are their Fat Sandwiches, which you might know by their more popular names, Submarine Sandwich or Hero. Ask any New Yorker and we can guarantee they’ve had a Hero or two on their lunch break. Made with the same Amoroso rolls used for the cheesesteak, the Hero is filled with any combination of meat, cheese and vegetables.

The full menu, including salads, sides and desserts, can be found on their website.

About Fat Franks:In 2017, Fat Franks’ founder Antonio travelled through Philly on a pilgrimage to find the original cheesesteak recipe and while on his journey he landed a job at Pat’s King of Steaks – the Holy Grail – the birthplace of the cheesesteak.

Following this, he spent over 14 months to set up a partnership to fly in the original cheese, pickles and most importantly, the Amoroso bread rolls – a bread synonymous with Philly – to Australia. This made Fat Franks the only place in Australia where you can get bread baked by a 116-year-old Philly icon. 

The first Fat Franks opened after this in Wetherill Park as a pop-up store and it just kept growing and growing. In 2020, they moved to a new Wetherill Park location to keep up with the demand – which brings us to 2021, and their new Newtown location. 
Fat Franks Newtown
172 King Street (next to Newtown Hotel), Newtown NSW 2042
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