Diana Chan brings the heat to Maker & Monger

MasterChef winner teams up with Maker & Monger for a limited edition toastie. 

MasterChef winner Diana Chan and Anthony Femia from Maker & Monger have teamed up for a delicious (and different) limited edition toastie. Available from Saturday, 30 January, the ‘Sambal Hae Bee’ toastie is packed full of flavour and spice and is a recipe close to Diana’s heart.

The Sambal Hae Bee toastie includes a dry sambal cooked mainly by Peranakans from Penang. Hae Bee in Hoikken means dried shrimp and Sambal in Malay means spicy relish, usually consisting of lots of chillies. The spice paste is made from array of delicious Asian flavours, including shallots, lemongrass, belacan, galangal, chillies and more.

“I remember my mum making this and we would often have it for breakfast on bread slathered with butter. As a fifth-generation Peranakan, it’s one of my most treasured recipes,” says Diana.

To round out the spice, Anthony includes slices of provolone dolce, which cuts through the heat whilst adding a hint of sweetness. Once toasted in a brioche bun in the oven, sliced cucumbers are added inside the toastie for freshness and then the toastie is served with Dillicious pickles on the side for a hit of acid to balance out the umami.

“Diana is a good friend of mine and we have been planning a toastie collab for some time now. I’m so excited she chose something that she has grown up eating and loving as our memories of food we joyfully experienced is what is behind every recipe here at Maker & Monger. I believe our customers will really like the uniqueness of the offering. The visual of the molten provolone paired with the aromas of the chillies definitely ignites all your senses,” says Anthony.

The Sambal Hae Bee toastie will be available until the end of April, so punters have three months to indulge in this delicious creation for only $11 a pop.

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