Single O says “Brew You, 2020” with new release Christmas Sugarplum and … a wall to vent!

Single O has created its best Christmas blend yet, the Sugarplum “Brew You 2020! Edition”, and invites its community to stick it to this crazy year via coffee flights and defiant messages written up on the “Brew You 2020” wall in their Surry Hills café.

Like editions past, Sugarplum is crafted to taste like ‘liquid Christmas’. This year’s edition is brimming with notes of plum, nutmeg, sugar, spice and rum, and can be enjoyed any way you like your coffee – hot or cold, black or white. The foil packaging gives you a little Christmas cheer, while also sporting a Black Sabbath-inspired horn hand symbol to ward off evil and have you rocking into ‘21.

Sugarplum is also known for its origin selection, comprised of standouts from the year. Making the 2020 cut are beans from Honduras, Guatemala, and a Ugandan carbonic maceration (where whole coffee cherries are fermented then crushed – appropriate for 2020).

In Single O’s Surry Hills café, you can enjoy Sugarplum as part of a tasting flight (milk, espresso & cold filter) and as a single cup via the filter taps or as espresso.

And finally, to make it an extra worthwhile visit, you can unleash a message, a drawing, any old vent, on the “Brew You 2020” wall, which is fast filling up with emotional views and blues about the year. As Single O’s founder Dion Cohen says, “Life’s a bitch and then you meet Covid”.

Sugarplum is available for $19.50 for 250g, whole beans or ground to order for every method, from Friday, 13th November at Single O’s Surry Hills and York St CBD cafes, Carriageworks Farmers Markets every Saturday and online –

Taste Sugarplum on tap, pouring hot and cold filter at Single O’s Surry Hills café from Monday, 16th and at Carriageworks Farmers Markets from Saturday, 21st November.

For travellers, gift-seekers & black coffee lovers, Sugarplum Parachutes – single-serve drip coffee bags – are a go-to, 5 pack for $12.50

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Got 2020 views and blues to share but can’t make it to the café? Share them with Single O on Instagram via the hashtag #brewyou2020.

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