The Myth, The Legend – Geisha Coffee

Deemed one of the most exclusive coffees in the world, you can find Geisha Coffee right here at The Wood Roaster in the heart of Marrickville. Originally sourced from Ethiopia, the blend is now most prominently sourced in Panama as the region has accurately perfected the cherry bean’s germination process. After 18 days of stable fermentation, cherries are pulped and dried on Raised African beds for a further 8 days; bringing out truly unique and punchy flavours. Immense fruity flavours, including mango, cherry, blueberry and pineapple, and a high price point are what’s usually associated with Geisha Coffee, and with good reason as cafés are bidding large dollars to get their hands on this very limited single origin.

Basically, this one is for those who are serious about coffee and are seeking that extra kick. With a 1kg bag setting you back $450, the Panama Geisha can pack a punch with flavour. For those that want to test it out before committing, then a 62g tin is available for $37.50.

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